Magic-Pak® Units

Tennants ordering Magic Pak installation with Carrier dealer

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Apartments and Condos

Brothers Consolidated Heating & Air Conditioning can provide through-the-wall combination heating and cooling solutions for condominiums, apartment buildings, and other multi-occupant facilities with Magic-Pak® products. Available in gas heating/electric cooling, heat pump, and electric heating/cooling, Magic-Pak unit design makes it the easiest combination heating and cooling system you can specify. Installation, repair, and replacement couldn’t be more convenient with our team of skilled installers and EPA-certified refrigerant technicians who have been installing Magic-Pak for years.

Simple, Convenient Installation for Your Building

Magic-Pak units can be installed quickly and easily since the combination heating and cooling units, comprised of two components in one self-contained, prewired and refrigerant-charged package, are simpler to install than complex conventional heating and cooling systems. If one unit encounters problems, only that unit is affected—no more building-wide shutdowns or failures. Count on our experienced Brothers Consolidated installers to place the unit, attach the condensate drain, and hook up the thermostat and power connections—and the job is virtually finished. Your employees, tenants, or families will appreciate the unobtrusive design, low sound levels, and hardy heating and cooling performance of Magic-Pak.

Fast Repair Service for Your Magic-Pak Units

When you need an expert for problems with your Magic-Pak product, our NATE and EPA-certified technicians are ready to help with diagnosis and repair service. And Magic-Pak’s easy access makes for faster repair and maintenance service. Depending on the age and condition of the Magic-Pak unit, replacement may be more cost-effective than repair. We will provide you with a quote for both options, and you can decide which makes more sense for your needs. If it makes more sense to replace than repair, we’ll be happy to check on your eligibility for replacement under warranty.

Maintenance Service for Your Magic-Pak Systems

One of the most important things you can do for your Magic-Pak units is have maintenance performed yearly on both the A/C and heating components. Our many years of experience servicing these units shows many can develop rust and holes in the heat exchanger over time—exactly why it’s so important to have a heating contractor who is familiar with these units check them regularly. We’ll look for rust and cracks, check for carbon monoxide leaks, change filters, clean and check coils, and ensure all equipment is properly cleaned and tuned up. Ask us about performing maintenance on a regular basis for your building’s Magic-Pak units. Regular maintenance protects your equipment as well as your investment.

Brothers Consolidated customized maintenance plans can include checking and servicing of your Magic-Pak heating and cooling equipment. This preventive maintenance matters because it:

  • Prolongs the life of your Magic-Pak equipment
  • Keeps systems operating efficiently
  • Reduces monthly energy costs
  • Prevents costly repairs and breakdowns

Ask us for details. Our clients know they can count on Brothers Consolidated at any time to answer questions and help with maintenance and repair.

For more information about our Magic-Pak services, call us at 414-427-0709 or schedule an appointment online here.