Ductless Mini Split

Woman in comfortable room after ductless mini split installation

Flexible, Cost-Effective Alternatives to Traditional Systems

How do you cope with a room that’s too hot or too cold? How do you handle heating and cooling for older homes without ductwork? Mini split ductless systems, like the name indicates, are an excellent alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning systems for buildings without ductwork—and Brothers Consolidated Heating & Air Conditioning has years of experience installing them.

Where and Why Ductless Installation May Be Right for You

More than a million ductless systems will be installed this year, according to leading statistics, because of the many benefits and ease of installation they offer. Ductless systems have three simple components—an inside unit, an outside unit, and a control. That means installation is as simple as placing the two units and connecting the refrigerant lines and cables, along with a few electrical connections. Our experienced team of installers can usually install the systems in one or two business days. All Brothers Consolidated installers are NATE certified and have achieved EPA refrigerant certification.

The versatility of ductless systems makes them perfect for almost any place you need spot heating or cooling—an upstairs bedroom, a sunroom, or a computer room. And because they can offer zoned heating or air conditioning, all you do is adjust or preset the remote control for the exact room temperature you want. The systems are great for older homes with boilers as their primary heating systems since they lack central air conditioning. The systems can be mounted on walls, in ceilings, or near the floor for your customized comfort.

We provide and install Carrier® systems which can be added to any home or business, particularly those with space concerns. Both brands offer excellent energy efficiency—so efficient, in fact, that some of our home and business customers have chosen them simply because of the energy savings and lower operational cost, thanks to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) up to 30. Ask us for details.

Ductless System Repairs, a Brothers Consolidated Area of Expertise

Our service technicians can repair any make or model of ductless equipment, although we only recommend and install high quality ductless systems from Carrier. Like any other heating or cooling system, your ductless system may need repair. Before you call for service, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Change or check the air filter if your unit is operating but not cooling. You can also try increasing the fan speed or adding refrigerant if it’s low.
  • Unit not running at all? Try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, check to see if you’ve blown a fuse by checking the circuit breaker box.
  • Check the batteries in the remote control.

Maintenance for Ductless Systems

Consult your owner’s manual for guidelines on how often you should have your ductless systems serviced, or ask us for an honest recommendation. For long-term efficiency and to keep your system running smoothly, we advise annual maintenance. When performing maintenance, we’ll check for things like faulty electrical connections, leaks, and blockages in the hose to ensure your unit is working properly.

Optional Warranty Coverage

We stand behind our products with optional extended warranties that are backed by Climate Shield®, an authorized parts and labor warranty program used by some of the largest retailers in the country. Although not underwritten by Carrier Heating & Cooling, Climate Shield covers trip and diagnostic charges, along with a five or 10-year parts and labor warranty. Brothers Consolidated can enroll you in the program.

For more information about ductless heating and cooling products or service, call us at 414-427-0709 or schedule an appointment online here.